Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Night #11

Boy I am definitely not doing too well at keeping up with my projects, but it has been such a bad week for me pain wise. And on top of that I have these horrible sores on my arms right now that look atrocious. I had one pop up about 4 weeks ago and I went to the ER for it. They gave me a shot of one antibiotic and 2 more different antibiotics to take for the next week because they were so unsure what I had. They took a culture and after a few days it cleared up. I now have 4 on one arm and only one on the other. They were started from one of my cats scratching me then it would turn into huge round sores about an inch across with blisters. When I saw my doctor on Thursday, he gave them a huge name and gave me yet another antibiotic. At least this one good thing about it is I only have to take 1 pill only once a day for 10 days. They are making me sick to my stomach and dizzy. So wonderful :( The sores are looking so much better today, they no longer hurt and the blisters are almost gone. My doctor is sending me to a dermatologist next to see what is going on.

Well, enough of that and on to my project! I had an absolute blast putting this one together. I had seen Halloween banners on various blogs before and knew what I wanted it to look like so I went through my 2 Halloween Cricut cartridges. I went with using Happy Hauntings.

Here is what I used:

  • Happy Hauntings Cricut cartridge

  • Bazzill cardstock

  • Colorbok black glitter paper

  • CTMH black sheer ribbon

  • Zig 2-way glue pen

  • Elmer's adhesive runner

  • EK Success pop dots

I decided to use the word "Boo" and wanted a frame around each letter so I went through the cartridge book and picked the Headless Horseman frame (Frame8), but instead of using it horizontal I turned it vertical. I cut it out at 8" and after I glued the two frames together and cut the pumpkin off that would of normally have been on the top (now side). I then cut the capital letter "B" out of the black glitter paper at 4". I was surprised and quite wowed! when it cut so beautifully. I didn't want the o's to be cut according to the size of the "B" so I used the Real Dial Size button and cut them out at 3". After gluing it all together I decided that it needed another color and so I used the Real Dial Size button again and cut the pumpkin, on the same page, at 2" in orange. I used a pop dot to put the pumpkin on with. For the rest of the adhesive, I used the Zig pen to put the two frames together. I then used the tape runner the place the letters on.

After, I took the ribbon and strung it through all the frames and vola! I have a Hallowwen Banner :) I truly hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. Have a good night!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Night #6

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the last couple days. I suffer from Degenerative disc disease along with spinal stenosis and because of these I have great pain continually 24/7/365. Right now my doctor and I are trying to find the right kind and dose of pain meds as I am allergic to a lot of strong pain relievers. So to make a long story short, the last couple days I was having a lot of break through pain. I hate this as I am completely under the control of pain. Well, on to my project...

For tonight I choose a really cool project that is so fun to use in your home decor. I can't take credit for the idea as this was something that was given to me by members of my church that was part of several activities during an Enrichment night that my church puts together for the women once a month. The jar and candlestick holder were purchased at a dollar store.

As it dictakes in my photos it only takes the following:

- Glass jar with lid
- Short glass candlestick holder
- Glue (On this sample a hot glue gun was used, but I would probably use E-6000)
- Spray paint in choice of color
- Ribbon
- Various embellishments, as desired

You simply spray the lid and candlestick holder with spray paint. This may take a couple coats. When dry, glue the jar on top of the candlestick holder with desired glue type. At this point the decoration is up to you. You could be as simple as shown in photo or bling up as you choose. When done fill with desired candy!

This could be used for any holiday or celebration. Imagine making one for family birthdays were with each family member's birthday you put in the person's fav candy or items! Or like me for Christmas this year for our friends and neighbors. They remind me so much of the old world street lights that would be lit each night. Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween night #3

We are now on night #3 and tonight I did another card for you. I used Mini Monsters Cricut cartridge again as I love this thing! It has so many cute cut-outs and the Card feature is too die for. I cut the witches hat using the Card button at 4 1/2". The card base it's self is 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". I used Cuttlesbug's Seeing Spots on the inner layer which is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4". This was really a quick and easy card to do. The paper is all from Bazzill, and the ribbon is from Walmart. I used purple Stickles on the purple dots and, the Trick or Treat stamp on the inside is from MPS "Spook-alicious" stamp set. I hope you enjoy and have a great night!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spider card for night #2

Well, here is 13 Nights of Halloween night #2! For tonight I decided to do a simple card. The spider is from Cricut cartridge Mini Monsters, and the web is from Happy Hauntings. I just did a card base of 4 1/2" x 6 1/4". The green layer is 4 1/4" x 6" and is embossed with Cuttlebug's Polka Dots. I cut the spider web at 6" with the Real Dial Size button on, otherwise it cuts at something like 19". The really cute spider was cut with the Card feature at 3 1/4". All paper is from Bazzill, and I used Diamond Stickles on her yellow diamond. On the inside of the spider I stamped "Happy Halloween" from the stamp set "Happiest Moments" from MPS.

I hope you like it as this was such a fun card to put together. Have a great night!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

13 Nights of Halloween

I have decided to do a 13 Nights of Halloween by doing a new Halloween inspired project each night up Halloween night! I am so excited to do this. I LOVE Halloween, it is both my Dh's and mine's favorite holiday. When I was in 6th grade I remember always drawing pictures of haunted houses and such. I have watched almost every scary movie out there as well. I can't wait for Friday when "Paranormal 3" comes out! :)

So each night I will post a new Halloween project ranging from cards to goodies bags to 3D objects. In fact that is what tonight's project will be. So here is night #1's project: A Haunted House! It is from the Cricut cartridge "Happy Hauntings". It took me about 4 hours altogether and about 5 sheets of black Bazzill paper to complete it. It took a little moving around to achieve this but you can just use more paper to make it easier. I cut it at 7" which was the Fit to Page size on 12 x 12 and probably won't do it much small as some pieces would just be too hard to keep from tearing. I did change a couple things. Instead of yellow cardstock for the windows I decided to use yellow vellum that way I can place a small light inside and the windows will glow. Second, I cut out small portraits of people and placed them in front of some of the windows to make it look even more haunted. I also added to the front step of the house a "beware" stamp from MPS "Spook-alicious" stamps. I may add to it more as the ideas come to me such as ghosts coming out of the house and chimney and small pumpkins around the outside bottom. Take a look:

I will give some advise about putting this together. First, in the instructions it has you put the windows on after some pieces are together. I went ahead and put them all on beforehand to make it easier on me which I found out later was a great idea. My next piece of advice is when you put the big side extension on the house, before you attach it to the house attach the covered door patio piece to the side piece first. I found this out the hard way and it was a BIG pain in the butt to attach it after.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my first 13 Nights of Halloween project. I have so many ideas of things I want to do for the next 12. Have a great spooky night and don't let the vampires bite! :)