Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Everyone! Nice To Meet You.

Ok, so I think it is time to make my first post here. :) I do have another blog that I was posting on quite a bit but when stress hit the fan around here that seemed the first thing to stop. I started up this blog with continuance of my other blog to display the cards I have been doing with my Cricut. It has been my new obsession right now. I think this is so because it only takes a fraction of the time to make a whole scrap layout to make a card and I have been getting more cartridges lately and it has made doing cards so much more fun.
I do need to get some more greeting stamps though as I only have one set from My Pink Stamper and there is about 4 that I want really bad. Any donations would be great, lol. :) I love her stamps as there is one for almost everything!
My next big purchase will be a Cuttlebug though. I have been wanting one of these for like forever! I LOVE the texture they bring to things, especially cards.
I will try to get some pics of my cards on here as soon as possible. I have about 8 that I want to get on here. I haven't decided if I will take a pic of each one or in groups. They are all for different occasions. I think the best part about making cards is I don't have to worry about putting the pics in the right places and whether or not I have room for journaling.